Thank you!

20 December 2018

I lived an exciting, rewarding, intense, hard, extraordinary professional year! I am happy, thanks to you: customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues, friends. You have taught me a lot more than what I hope to have shared with you: a way of working based on values, shared rules, mutual support, sharing, mutual learning, solving complex problems, #scrum!

See you next year, for new adventures :-)

Thank you Philippe, Maximilien, Gilles, Fethi, Morgane, Cécile, Pamela, Isabelle, Céleste, Cécile, Francesco, Alessandro, Andrea, Neva, Olivier, Sandra, Don, Aniello, Giovanni, Alessandro, Alessandro, Elena, Marco, Adelmo, Paola, Andrea, Nicholas, Marc, Rafik, Jean-Christophe, Stephanie, Gunther, Anne-Sophie, Axel, Berenice, Marie Bia, Sabah, Victor, Diana, Hanane, Amrind, Marion, Graziella, Gianmarco, Dario, Alessandro, Nacira, Sadish, Romain, Kevin, Stéphane, Safia, Awatef, Nicolas, Michael, Roderic, Dirk, Olivier, Gaél, Christophe, Olivier, Daouda, Khalil, François-Xavier, Guillaume, Eric, Stefano, Kumarathasan, Anne, Simon, Louis Bertin, David, Stefan, Stefano, Florian, Kadidiatou, Renaud, Surendra, Ritchie, Mounia, Kathleen, all the awesome team!, Barry, Christiaan, Emmanuel, François, Dominique, François, Renaud, Valentina, Sophie, Mohamed, Gianluca, Matteo, Helena, Fred, Christian, Martine