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Fabio Panzavolta

Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Trainer @scrum.org

Fabio started his career as a software engineer in 2001. He’s then started working as a project manager and, after few years of traditional project management, he discovered and embraced Scrum, a way of working that perfectly fits his mind-set. He's today Professional Scrum Trainer @scrum.org.

Fabio has founded CollectiveGenius in 2010, a coaching and training company that helps people and organizations to deliver better products with Scrum.
His international career has given to Fabio the chance to work with different cultures. He’s trilingual (Italian, French and English) and always open to new challenging opportunities!

By the way, you can contact him if you like motorbikes as well ;-)

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Mohamed Gargouri

Scrum Master

I'm a Scrum enthusiast. During the last 6 years, as a Scrum Master, I've transmitted my passion and competences to the teams that I collaborated with, and as well via the Scrum trainings that I facilitated.

My strength to juggle different stances as a coach, facilitator, mentor and teacher helped me a lot to assist organisations, teams and members to embrace the Agile mindset and adopt Scrum.

Because mastering Scrum requires a continuous improvement (Inspect and Adapt!), I'm an active member of Scrum community by contributing and learning via scrum.org (conferences, trainings, certifications) and throughout different Meetups (participant and speaker).

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Olivier Ledru

Scrum Master et Professional Scrum Trainer @scrum.org

I started my career as an R&D engineer in 1998.
After being a technical expert on Java technologies, I became interested in engineering practices carried by eXtreme Programming, in particular pair-programming, TDD, CI.

Since 2009, I have had the opportunity to experience the Scrum framework and I accompany from teams and organizations in their understanding and adoption of agility and Scrum and Kanban in particular.
In parallel with my expertise on Agility, I trained in systemic coaching in 2015.
I use my different stances of Professional Scrum Trainer; professional coach ICF-ACC, of facilitator and expert for the benefit and development of the people and teams that I have the chance to help.
Passionate about my job and thirsty for learning, I seek to improve through training, coaching supervision, my readings and participation in the events of the world of agility.
If you like the outdoors, you can meet me on the trails at the weekend.

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